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Ryan Technology Resources
117 Ponds View
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone (517) 304-4761

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Ryan Technology Resources is the leader in IBMI (AS/400, iSeries) solutions. Our Michigan based consulting company provides consulting, training and publications for the IBMi community in Michigan and across the country. Data communications, networking, project management, security and programming top the list of consulting efforts. Training in TCP/IP and RPG/IV and ILE are among the courses offered by RTR.

Publications include "TCP/IP and the AS/400", "Navigating the AS/400", “The AS/400 Companion” and “The Quintessential Guide to PC Support”.

Years of experience in midrange systems provide our clients with the answers they need for their business computing problems. Systems analysis, information technology decision making, and identifying business solutions provide our customers with the tools needed to increase their productivity.